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The relationship between school, coffee & myself


When I have to write things for school, it just so happens that coffee becomes my best friend for about a week… Sorry E, but until 12 am, it’s coffee and me ❤

I’m just a little bit sleep deprived -,-


Decisions, decisions, decisions….


I’ve made a few decisions lately… I’m proud to finally have made them, but I feel as if though I might disapoint people that I love. The most important desicion that’ve been made these last couple of weeks is that starting a new school. I don’t feel like continuing at Borås, so I’m doing it just because I want to. Which I think is good, because I can’t do these types of things for others, I have to do them for me…
So the 16th I start studying litterateur science at one of the university’s close to where my parents live, and I’m really, really exited, because this is what I want to do at the moment!


The second decision is one I made today actually. As a matter if fact, it’s more of a new years resolution. I am going to try to time how much time I spend on the Internet each day, and then I have to read/study at least as long as I’ve spent surfing the web. Good decision, me thinks ^_^

– Doc ( = – Hilda )

On our way


This weekend has been spent with all the noise, music and lovelyness band-practice can bring. It’s a bit tiring though, so I’ll probably ens up fallits asleep after a cup of tea tonight.

Adam’s tired too…

We’ve been rehersing figurative march mostly, but concert pieces as well. We’re playing the concert versions of the soundtracks from The Polar Express and from the first (new) Narnia film. It sounds really good.
Yesterday was exactly one month until The Rose Parade! It’s really exiting, and it finally feels like we’re on our way!

Love & Blue Suspenders//

Moves and exams


These days I’m better. I moved away from where I was living, out to the countryside.
I love it here. I love the fact that I have to leave my Friday-meeting with the theatre group so I’ll be home in time for the kids favorite TV-show. I love the family I live with. I don’t ever want to move 🙂

School is interesting as well. Although this Friday I have my first big exam, but after that mum & dad are picking me up and we’re headed to Norway for my uncles 70th birthday party. It’s going to be really fun and it’ll be nice to have the weekend off 🙂