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A studying redhead


I’ve become a redhead. The exact shade of auburn that I’ve always imagined that Anne of Green Gables got when she got a bit older. When she was in her 20s and her and Gilbert hadn’t gotten married yet. That shade of auburn.
On Monday I got my helix pierced. Felt a bit nervous, but the dude was nice and really knew what he was doing, so no need 🙂 No piercing guns in that studio, no no!
I also got two new dresses. They’re really puffy and I love them 🙂

School is killing me a little bit at the moment, so I’m using my makemybrainlessmuschy-break to write on this place that gets used to little. I’ve figured out just how much I love essays and how much I abhor test.


Decisions, decisions, decisions….


I’ve made a few decisions lately… I’m proud to finally have made them, but I feel as if though I might disapoint people that I love. The most important desicion that’ve been made these last couple of weeks is that starting a new school. I don’t feel like continuing at Borås, so I’m doing it just because I want to. Which I think is good, because I can’t do these types of things for others, I have to do them for me…
So the 16th I start studying litterateur science at one of the university’s close to where my parents live, and I’m really, really exited, because this is what I want to do at the moment!


The second decision is one I made today actually. As a matter if fact, it’s more of a new years resolution. I am going to try to time how much time I spend on the Internet each day, and then I have to read/study at least as long as I’ve spent surfing the web. Good decision, me thinks ^_^

– Doc ( = – Hilda )

Weekend away


Today I’ll write my first ever collage exam. I’ve yet to become nervous though…

But, luckily, when I’ve finished, mum, dad & Cicki should all be here to pick me up for a trip to Norway 🙂 My uncle’s turning 70, so there’s going to be a big party to celebrate him. Åsa helped me make a gorgeuos dress to wear at the dinner. I’m really excited about going, it’s going to be nice to have the weekend off 🙂

Love & Blue suspenders//
– H

Moves and exams


These days I’m better. I moved away from where I was living, out to the countryside.
I love it here. I love the fact that I have to leave my Friday-meeting with the theatre group so I’ll be home in time for the kids favorite TV-show. I love the family I live with. I don’t ever want to move 🙂

School is interesting as well. Although this Friday I have my first big exam, but after that mum & dad are picking me up and we’re headed to Norway for my uncles 70th birthday party. It’s going to be really fun and it’ll be nice to have the weekend off 🙂





Since I last wrote anything here, I’ve managed to start college, move into a dorm room that I sincerely abhor, made wonderful new friends and to top it off figuring out that cardamom biscuits are really tasty. Especially if you eat them with tea. Or coffee. Or coke. I eat cardamom biscuits all the time.



I’ve been feeling rather down lately. Haven’t been to school as much as I should have. Instead I call in sick, get to school for a few classes and then I panic and I go home.

I actually have a perscription for anti-anxiety pills, but I scared to death by them. When the Doc handed me the perscription, he told me to be careful since these were some of the most addictive pills in the world. I seem to be one of those persons who gets addicted really easily, hence me being so scared. My dad thinks we should get them just so that I won’t have panicattacks that lasts for hours, but I would, honestly, rather deal with the anxiety, than another addiction.

Right now I should be getting ready for school, but all I want to do is sleep and read and do something unrelated to school. Even though there’s only 16 days left until graduation, I can’t seem to find any strength for these last two weeks. I have essays with missed deadlines that has to get written and handed in, but my concentration is down below 0 at the moment.

At least I’ve decided on going in to the library today. I always seem to be more concentrated there then here at home, where there are far too many distractions playing mindgames with me. Everything just feels like it’s so wrong, the weird feeling won’t move from my stomach.

My head is just filled with chaos and I don’t seem to have the ability to sort it all out.

Love & Blue suspenders //

– H