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On our way


This weekend has been spent with all the noise, music and lovelyness band-practice can bring. It’s a bit tiring though, so I’ll probably ens up fallits asleep after a cup of tea tonight.

Adam’s tired too…

We’ve been rehersing figurative march mostly, but concert pieces as well. We’re playing the concert versions of the soundtracks from The Polar Express and from the first (new) Narnia film. It sounds really good.
Yesterday was exactly one month until The Rose Parade! It’s really exiting, and it finally feels like we’re on our way!

Love & Blue Suspenders//




I’ve also managed to become addicted to this song:

Devendra Banhart


Love & Blue suspenders//

– H

Song(s) of today


I almost never remember too follow through on these sorts of things, but this is posted as a bit of a celebration… I got the top grade on my CAE! For the first time ever I had a feeling that I had managed well, and for once that good feeling in the gut was right 🙂


Fall Out Boy – The Take Over, The Breaks Over


Relient K – Up and Up


Things are kind of starting to feel alright. I’m moving soon ( signing the contract for my dorm room tomorrow), and I’ll be off to study about 300 kilometers north of where I live. But my mum says that I’m not moving out, I just won’t be home as much ^^

Love & Blue Suspenders//

– H


Winter Wonderland…


It’s snowing, and I just can’t believe it!

I live in the south of Sweden, very close to the coast, so snow is either nonexistant during winter, blown away to some one who needs it more than me, or it gets grey and slimey, when the temperature won’t stay below 0°C in the daytime..

But, yesterday when I went out with the dog, it had already started and now my little town is WHITE, and it’s so beautiful!!!

Although as I told Stefan on the bus home, snow in Malmö(the city where I go to school) is unneccessary, since it will get grey and slimey. There’s just so much heat every where in that city.

Also, since it’s “chaos” here right now (which means about 5 cm of pure white snowy goodness), the buses and trains are constantly late and that really bugs me. Especially in the morning. Here in Svedala, which is where I live, it’s kind of alright, because I know that if the drivers could, it would never happen. So they apologise politely, and that’s that.

But every morning, I have to change from a yellow bus (the ones that go to basically everywhere in Skåne), to a green bus (the city buses). And some of the drivers can be so unpleseant, especially in the morning. I’m not a morning type of person either, but it still bugs me >,<

But to end this post on a good note, I give you….

The Christmas Song (Chestnuts roasting on an open fire) with Bing Crosby.

The best christmas song ever! 😀

Love and blue suspenders//

– H