I’m Hilda, I’m a 18, half-norwegian, half-swedish girl. I’m not gonna say that I’m normal, because I’m not, but I can, honestly, live with that.


I already have a blog that’s written in Swedish, but I actually feel more comfortable in writing in English, so that’s exactly what I’m going to do here.

But if you, for any reason, would like to read something in swedish, then feel free and click here



Who am I?

As I’ve already stated I am 18. I have a norwegian dad, a swedish mum, 3 older (half)brothers, 3 lovely nephews, the cutest of all dogs and amazing friends! I read far to much, study far to little, love trying to plan my life, am always in need of something to work towards and etc. etc… ^^


I also have this love for the ’50s and would love to just walk around in pretty dresses, with red lips and eyeliner, everyday! Although I still don’t know that much about vintage, but I would love to learn. And also, since I am one of the more fluffy, curvy kind of women out there, I find it hard to go clothes-shopping as it is đŸ™‚


Love and blue suspenders//

– H


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