Decisions, decisions, decisions….


I’ve made a few decisions lately… I’m proud to finally have made them, but I feel as if though I might disapoint people that I love. The most important desicion that’ve been made these last couple of weeks is that starting a new school. I don’t feel like continuing at Borås, so I’m doing it just because I want to. Which I think is good, because I can’t do these types of things for others, I have to do them for me…
So the 16th I start studying litterateur science at one of the university’s close to where my parents live, and I’m really, really exited, because this is what I want to do at the moment!


The second decision is one I made today actually. As a matter if fact, it’s more of a new years resolution. I am going to try to time how much time I spend on the Internet each day, and then I have to read/study at least as long as I’ve spent surfing the web. Good decision, me thinks ^_^

– Doc ( = – Hilda )


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