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I don’t get impatient alot. Most of the time I’m a, somewhat, calm person…

But today we (Åsa & I) went to Gothenburg with the kids. The oldest one, T, was an angel, but the other two weren’t as good as the usually are.. Even I got mad at them, which is saying alot… I think they got a little bit shocked. But exept for that, we had a good time.


I got the last book in Christopher Paolini’s Inheritance Cycle. I’ve had it on my phone for a while, but reading on a screen and reading an actual book are so different. I think that I’ll enjoy it more as an actual book :0)

Love & Blue Suspenders//
– H


On our way


This weekend has been spent with all the noise, music and lovelyness band-practice can bring. It’s a bit tiring though, so I’ll probably ens up fallits asleep after a cup of tea tonight.

Adam’s tired too…

We’ve been rehersing figurative march mostly, but concert pieces as well. We’re playing the concert versions of the soundtracks from The Polar Express and from the first (new) Narnia film. It sounds really good.
Yesterday was exactly one month until The Rose Parade! It’s really exiting, and it finally feels like we’re on our way!

Love & Blue Suspenders//