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Song(s) of today


I almost never remember too follow through on these sorts of things, but this is posted as a bit of a celebration… I got the top grade on my CAE! For the first time ever I had a feeling that I had managed well, and for once that good feeling in the gut was right 🙂


Fall Out Boy – The Take Over, The Breaks Over


Relient K – Up and Up


Things are kind of starting to feel alright. I’m moving soon ( signing the contract for my dorm room tomorrow), and I’ll be off to study about 300 kilometers north of where I live. But my mum says that I’m not moving out, I just won’t be home as much ^^

Love & Blue Suspenders//

– H



What happens at home…


I came home from Norway on the 18th. The day after yesterday Klara and I decided on going too see the new Harry Potter film. Yesterday I got a text from her saying that she hoped she didn’t interrupt me while watching the news.

I didn’t get it.

At the cinema I understood. Buildings blown up and youths shot. In the country of my father, in the country that has become home, a country where everyone should be able to feel safe. In a country that is so beautiful and where the people are so lovely.

Even though I knew, and still know, that I don’t need to worry about my family, because everyone is safe, I still manage too. I still haven’t been able to bare watching the news actively, all I can handle is small snippets here and there. And still, everything manages to move on as normal………