Things I love Thursday <3


At a blog that I sometimes pop into, Galadarling, there is this thing that’s called Things I love Thursday. And today I love…

– Reading an House of Night book far too quickly for my own good.

– Listening to this song.

– Watching TV-shows online.

– Finding out that my hair has grown out to be 90 cm/ 35 inches.

– Dutchbraiding my hair before bed and getting braidwaves when I wake up.

– Getting a day of school.

– Finding pretty quotes.

– Eating baked potatoes.

– Getting the most perfect shoes to run around in this summer.

– Listening to Frank Sinatra while riding my bike.

Lush‘s American Cream conditioner, Seanik shampoo bar, Lemony Flutter cuticle butter, You snap the whip! –    and Aqua Mirabilis budy butters etc. etc.

– Malmö International Tattoo, and that I’m going to be living with RSNCB in the same city I go to school in starting today ending sunday.

– Taking walks.

– Having lunch with my mother.

– The dress I got for the graduate-dinner at school next week.

– MACs Kissable Lipcolour in Vanity Fair and Ruby Woo lipstick.

– Hot chocolate.

– Books! Forever books…

Love & Blue suspenders//

– H


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    • Vem vill inte ha varmchoklad? 😀 ska du ner till din brors student? För då ska vi dricka varm choklad du och jag. När det börjar bli sådär småkyligt på kvällen 🙂

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