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I’m only as strong as…


So here we are again, in the same situation that I always seem too find myself in the day before a test. This time it’s litt.history and for some reason I find that reading about the authors and reading excerpts from their novels is far too boring to actually do! I want to read the book itself, feel it in my hands, read that lovely SHORT piece about the writer that’s on the first pages of the book. Read the dedications they might have made.


I would also like to have everything be about C.S. Lewis and J.R.R Tolkien, and the Chronicles of Narnia and the Lord of the Rings trilogy… But I can dream, can’t I?


For now, though, coffee is my best friend (sorry my lovelies), at least until I’m too speeded to go to sleep.

But I’m only as strong as the coffee I drink and the hairspray I use. (Ellen and I found a magnet in a bookstore that said that. She only looked at me and told me that the coffee part, at least, was true 🙂 )


It looked exactly like this! Picture found here


Love & Blue suspenders //

– H


Blog Challenge: 5. My three favorite colours


I don’t have any inspiration what so ever, so I am turning to the blog challenge thing, again…


In no particular order:

Black. Clothingwise it goes with everything. It matches everything. It’s the colour of my favorite top, and time of day (even though it’s more of a blue-ish black), the colour of the first Converse All-Stars I bought (I’ve used those shoes so much that there’s only a couple of millimeters worth of sole seperating my foot from the concrete)…

Red. It’s the colour my mother’s always been telling me suits me best. It’s, in my opinion, the prettiest colour to have on your lips. It’s the one colour no one can run away from, or truly hate. It’s always there for you…

Green. It’s kind of grown on me. Two years ago I wouldn’t have said that it’s a favorite… But these days it’s my absolute favorite. It can calm me down or wire me up. It’s the colour I’d choose to be surrounded by if I had to choose. It’s simple and pretty..


Love and Blue suspenders//

– H