Blog Challenge: 4. Write about your closest friend(s)


My closest friends…

Ellen, Adam, Julia, Veronica, Sandra, Malte, Stefan…

And that’s just a few, but those are the ones I trust the most.

Ellen: My best friend. We talk about all and nothing, important stuff, nonimportant stuff. Everything. I trust her, admire her… She’s so beautiful and brave and amazing and beautiful. She deserves only the best, and she makes me feel better when I’m down. Even though we live 20 minutes away from each other, we still send each other letters. Because finding a letter in the mailbox when you come home, a letter that’s only yours too read, that’s a great feeling… She gets that, in the same way that she gets me…

Adam: My best guy friend, or my best girl friend, whatever you want to call it. He’s great and I can tell him anything. He has the worst humor in the world, which is great, because so does the rest of our gang. I’m gonna miss the hell outa him when he gets in to Chalmers University and goes of too live with his girlfriend in Gothenburg. But if he’s happy, and Sofie is happy, I’ll be happy too. They might be the perfect couple and they’re both amazing. Too think that without the orchestra, and music in general, we wouldn’t have met…

Julia: Aka. Baby J… Without RSNCB we wouldn’t have met. If she and Jesper would have decided not to go to VMS (Vintermusikskolan, Wintermusicschool) we wouldn’t have met. Although she’s in the army now, we keep in touch by writing a journal that we send to each other. If she can’t come to a rehearsal weekend, we make sure that I have the journal, so that I and everyone else can write updates about what’s going on to her. And then she writes updates about her life. She might be the most peppy girl I know, she’s always jumping around in tights and far too big sweaters, hugging people and talking to every one. Amazing girl…

Veronica: Aka. Nica. The girl that I turned into a monster… No, just kidding, but before we met she was a little bit shy and now she’s, almost, a completely different person. We’ve been through so much toghether. Fights, mostly my fault, but we found each other again. Sometimes I rely on her a little bit too much, but I hope she knows that she can do the same any time…

Sandra: The one I see least of. I started my very first blog just so that we would be able too keep up with each others lives. I’ve known her since I was about 3, maybe 4. She lives soooo far away, and I miss her… She could possibly be the best student in the world. She went through something very alike to what I’m going through now and her comments are, among a few other things, what keeps me going through those dark days. She’s so supportive and always there.

Malte: Sandras younger brother and one of the best. He supports me, helps me through the rubble that is my life and let’s me change conversation topics far too quickly. Toghether we can go from talking about depression and feelings, boys (on my side) and girls (on his side) too making up drag queen alter egos for him (search for Helga Noodlebeard in a couple of years 😉 ). He’s been in my life for as long as I can remember, and until the age of 12, we were going to get married. Today we stick to innuendoes about how we could be friends with benefit. We always decide against that though. It would be faaar too weird..!

Stefan: The one I worry the most about. He’s a great guy who could really need a sleep schedule. He, according to me, has the worst taste in music, pumping techno from his phone, invading my computer with weird CDs. I haven’t seen him in so long and he lives in my town! School is really taking over his life. He says that he’s fine, I say get some sleep, so that you have energy too talk, play the trombone and be happy, dude. 🙂


There are so many more that I love, cherish and want to have around me at all times… But those really are the closest. The ones that I can talk too, scream at. Who still hugs me after I’ve been a bitch.

I love all of you!

Love and Blue suspenders //

– H


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  1. Love you too! Tack för dom fina orden! Det gjorde min dag! ❤
    Med fina vänner omkring sig klarar man nog allting, och du verkar verkligen ha ett underbart gäng där ^^ Något som man kanske tar för givet ibland, men som verkligen är oersättligt 🙂 KRAAAAAM !

  2. Kom och tänka på dig nu när jag slängde upp ett blogginlägg själv.. Det jag tänkte var.. Hur himla MODIG du är som skriver (en del iaf) om hur du mår på bloggen.. Jag har skrivit dagbok i nästan hela mitt liv.. Har säkert 18 stycken fulla.. Men då när min värld kraschade i slutet av 3an, då slutade jag att skriva. Jag antar (såhär i efterhand) att jag inte ville (eller kunde) uttrycka det jag kände i ord.. Att jag inte ville att det skulle finnas kvar – att det inte skulle vara lika verkligt om jag inte skrev ner det..
    Därför tycker jag att du är så modig och beundransvärd som klarar det ! Jag tror, att om man kan uttrycka det man känner i ord, då har man kommit en lång bit på vägen! För något som är värre än att må dåligt, är när man mår dåligt utan att veta vad det är som orsakar det.. Du verkar ha allting så klart för dig!

    Usch. Vad jobbigt att skriva sånna ‘djupa’ tankar haha.. Tillbaka till schlappning och ytliga tankar !!!! KRAM

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