Blog Challenge: 1. What’s my middle name(s)?


Alright, I found a blog challenge on a old friends tumblr, so here goes…


I have 3 middle names, 4 names total.

Hilda Elin Ulla Sofie

But since only the middle names count, then…


Elin – the name of the girl who was my fathers childhood sweetheart. Mum thought it was pretty, so it got to stick with me.

Ulla – the name of my granmother and the middle name of my mother. I don’t have any special emotions about it. If I ever have a daughter, she’s gonna inherit it too… Suppose I like it ’cause there’s a little bit of a “tradition” about it 🙂

Sofie – is my favorite, to be honest. It originally comes from my father wanting to name one of his children after his father, but since I’m a girl, he couldn’t give me the full name, so he kind of redid it into a girls version. Now, I wouldn’t have minded being named Sofus, since it’s one of the prettiest boys-names that I know of 🙂 but Sofie (with an unritten accent to the E) it is 🙂


Hilda comes from the fact that both my parents grandmothers (on the mothers side I think) was named Hilda.. Starting to sense a pattern here? ^^


Love and Blue suspenders//

– H


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