Webdesign and psychiatrists


So, maybe school and I go together sometimes. Tuesday-mornings are not one of those times..

I have webdesign, which could be one of the ,ost meaningless classes a girl could have. I’ve learned stuff I could have learned of the internet, or from my friends. And since there’s always someone who’s too lazy to actually show up, most of the lesson ends up going through last weeks lesson, making all of us, if possible, more bored.

This is sad, ’cause it could have been a really interesting class. Now, not so much…

Yesterday I was free from school, which ended up with me missing a meeting with the board of one of the marching bands that I’m in. Not much of loss, since nothing’s actually up to us (the boardmembers). If the conductor doesn’t want to do something, it won’t. And that’s accepted, it’s just that I feel like we could accomplish so much, if only we were given the chance…

I might do a post on the depression later, depending on how I feel. Mom might be calling a psychiatrist later today, I’m a bit nervous about talking to someone I’ve never met. It feels like he/she will want to start digging deep at once. I have no problem with talking about it, it’s just that this would be agnolishing that there is a problem to be dealt with. Meh, to thing possitivly, maybe I can get some help with my psycology homework while I’m in session ^^ 

Love and Blue suspenders//

– H


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  1. Det bästa vore om någon du kände riktigt bra utbildade sig till psykolog ^^

    Och tack ^^ Det känns iofs som det gått längre tid än så xD

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