Some background on that please…?


Alright, so I realised that I haven’t told you about my school that much.

I go to private school, but here in Sweden that’s not really a big deal. Alot of people go to private school, since it’s just as free as all the other schools. My school just happens to be one of the schools that are amongst the best in around here. That meaning that it’s small, with great teachers and amazing schoolspirit.


I bet you’re thinking, “Dude, what in the world are you complaining about?”

I am complaining about the fact that since my school is small, I can’t get in all the stuff I would like too study. I only had a semester of music. I can’t studie higher levels of philosofy and history.

And at my school, good isn’t good. Best is good, amazing is best, and, well, frankly, I chose wrong. I belong in a upper secondary school that gives me a musicprogram.

If I could go back in time and tell myself two things, it would be this…

“Hunny, no matter how hard you fall, look at the other options of schools out there. You’re gonna get to know some pretty awesome people and you’ll regret not looking outside the box that is Malmö”

the second thing would basically be to tell myself to stop eating all that sugar. Mainly because I know exactly when it started, and also because it hasn’t done me any good yet…


Love and Blue suspenders //

– H


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