Norway, huh..?



I could have stayed home to hang out with my girls, go to a smashing new years party to have a couple of beers and some bubbly and maybe get a new years kiss from some pretty boy, but no.


I went with my parents to Norway, because my psyke needed it…

I realised that when I was shopping with Elliot and I felt uncomfortable with going in to the crowded stores.. Anywhere else was okay, but not the popular stores where girls who are nothing like me were struggling to get to the best buys at the sales.


So, I told my parents that I would be coming with them, this leading to sore legs from laying crawled up while sleeping in the backseat, and a horrible experience with one of my contacs falling out, almost drying out completely and my mum coming to the rescue with finding my toilet-bag, so that I could get to my contact-fluid and the contact-case 🙂


Love and Blue suspenders//

– H


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