Today, I am..

1) Snowed in, which I am really not complaining about, though I would have liked to go to the two classes I have today.. But the first time I went to the bus-station, I stood in the cold for far too long and when it didn’t show, I thought “Well, even if it were to come, I still wouldn’t make it to class..”, so I went home and had a cup of hot coffee…

                        Now, when I went, it didn’t come either, so I went home again, altough no coffee once back. I get so shaky when I have more than two cups, because my cups are huge ^^ 

2) without my computer-cable… So I am writing this on my family-computer. It’s rather slow, even though it is quite new, and in my opinion, that’s quite sad… My own computer is not dead at the moment, but until I can get my hands on a new power-cable, it’ll be closed down, unless I need to send any documents from my own computer, do my mail, so that I can do homework, on this one (the Big computer) or on my mum’s computer (the Small one)

Love and Blue suspenders//

– H


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